Deadlands Reloaded: Lost in the Maze

Session Nine: The Isle of Ghost's Tears

"Flip those pages faster!"

The players use their guile and cunning to help out the Twilight Lodge and then take a steam launch to the Isle of Ghost’s Tears for close encounters of the spiritous kind.

Angel island

Cuad Hoyter Pertullus (Jen)
Kangee Taken-Alive (Des)
Tobias Calvin Funk (Jade)
Jersey Lilly (Renae)
And…Edie the Dog.

A recording of the session is available for streaming or download here


That is amazing. However did you find the actual photo of the island? Matches the picture I already had just perfectly.


It wasn’t easy traveling both time and dimension, but I did it. I did it.

Actually, that’s Angel Island in the real-life San Francisco Bay, which is, I like to think, the inspiration for the Isle. At least, that’s what I was riffing off of.

sirlarkins sirlarkins

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