Deadlands Reloaded: Lost in the Maze

Session Twenty-One: Adios A-Mi-Gos!

"Three queens and a joker."

Continuing on from Mount Baldy by airship, the posse heads for the mysterious mining town of Richmond and find both friend and foe from beyond the stars…

Pod 1872 20110912140127 migo 2011 copy

Kangee Taken-Alive (Des)
Tobias Calvin Funk (Jade)
Victor Tundra (Dave)
Cuad Hoyter Pertullus (Jen)
Jersey Lilly (Renae)
And…Edie the Dog.

A recording of the session is available for streaming or download here.




Should have guessed it when it used the lightning gun on Oliver.


I’m pleased I was able to make it not terribly obvious. :D

Last night’s adventure was over 15 years in the making. I bought the “Adios A-Mi-Go” adventure back when I owned the original Deadlands RPG in the late 90s.

sirlarkins sirlarkins

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