The Northern Maze

The coastline between Shan Fan and Lost Angels is where most of the ghost rock is concentrated, which means it’s also got the largest concentration of boomtowns and mining settlements on the continent. Here’s a few other locales you might visit, and what to look out for when you get there.

Fort Lincoln

This small but reasonably prosperous mining town serves as the Union naval base and main army outpost in the Maze. Union leadership maintains an uneasy truce with the Shan Fan Triad, since it’s better for business. Plus, the Union’s got enough trouble dealing with the ragged remains of the Confederate Navy and Kang’s many pirate vessels, not to mention hiding from the Mexican Navy’s raiders.

Brigadier General Malcolm Gill commands Fort Lincoln as best he can, bent on maintaining a U.S. presence in disputed California, but he’s constantly at odds with Lt. Commander Locke, the head of the Union Navy. It’s believed Locke would rather fight it out than hang on by the fingernails.

Fort Lincoln maintains strong allegiances with the inland cities of Sacramento and Placerville, which are exemplified by well-maintained Union Blue rail lines.


No boomtown is more feared for its frontier justice than Lynchburg, located just a few days south of Shan Fan. Over the years Mariposa Lil has taken control of the local Vigilance Committee, to the point where it’s she who dispenses the justice of the rope. Stay on the right side of the law! The law isn’t the only reason to walk carefully in Lynchburg. Strange tales concern one H.J. Kent, owner of Lynchburg’s general store. It’s said the man is in league with the devil. While his price-gouging and penny-pinching ways have been confirmed by this reporter, no hard evidence of infernal alliances has surfaced yet.

37th Chamber

When the Chinese came to California, they brought the mysterious kung fu tradition with them. While that tradition has mostly assimilated into various communities, sometimes communities are based solely on the martial arts. Such is the case with the monastery known only as the 37th Chamber.

Or so the rumors say! This reporter never laid eyes on the fabled Shaolin monastery southeast of Lynchburg, said to lie in low hills cloaked with pine trees and fog. There celestial masters of the martial arts practice their craft, and sometimes take on new students. The proliferation of orange-garbed monks and wars between rival kung fu schools suggest that the 37th Chamber does truly exist, even if it’s exceedingly elusive.

The Northern Maze

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