The Weird West Coast

So are we all doomed? Probably not. But things will definitely change when war reaches the Maze. Prices of food and other goods, already inflated, will skyrocket out of control. Entire towns will most likely be blown off the map overnight as claims are jumped by extremely powerful and unprincipled villains.

California, Here I Come

There are an awful lot of regular folks bound to get caught in the crossfire when so many factions start shooting at one time. Yet, strangely, people continue to emigrate to the West Coast in droves. Ever since the Sixty-Niners came in search of the first veins of ghost rock, California—and the West Coast of North America in general—has been the destination of millions of immigrants from all over the world. Thousands more will arrive before these words go to print.

California is home to an amazing variety of people who come to try their hands at digging fundaments out of the earth—fundaments being anything valuable that’s currently covered by dirt. Everywhere you go you’ll find men and women hoping to cash in on gold or silver or ghost rock, and boomtowns springing up wherever they do. But there are just as many ghost towns left in the wake of exhausted claims, a stark reminder of how fast one’s fortunes can change.

It’s also a reminder that evil stalks the West Coast. You know we here at the Epitaph have always endeavored to the highest ideals of journalism and strive to bring you the truth in all matters. So consider yourself duly warned, Dear Reader, that the Maze is home to a myriad variety of cunning and vicious critters—terrors, some would say—that would just as soon kill you as scratch an itch.

The Weird West Coast

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