Cuad Hoyter Pertullus



Cuad Hoyter Pertullus

Long time Prospector, inventor of the Pertullus Dry Wash ore separating system. I carry the Pertullus marketing materials with me (flyers, banners)when I go into public.

Prospect for Molybdenum for industrial use, unusual metals & gemstones, my specialty.

I love “songbirds.” (Secretly wishes to be a stage performer)

I have a foe in St. Louis, Missouri who says I cheated him. I did not. (debatable)

My family is from Holland, a famous family of dairy farmers. I am not resting on their laurels, however. Oh, no. I am a self made man. Did you know I am related to the first saboteur? (a complete fabrication)

I have a couple of cousins in Seminole, Florida, trying to make a go of it in Alligator Coats & Hide products. (sadly, true)

I possess an unusual item of unapparent value that I found while dry washing a creek bed in southern Oregon. GM can decide what that is.

Something happened to me in a graveyard in Northern New Mexico. Not quite sure what it was, but my foot has bothered me ever since. And I think it’s changing color. The Doc says it’s fine. (if asked why he was in a graveyard, he will lie)

I have a good sense of direction, and I’m a good horseman.


Cuad Hoyter Pertullus

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