Jersey Lilly

Rootin', Tootin', Shootin' Kinda Gal


Drifter / Immigrant

Jersey lilly char sheet2013


Annie oakley

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My mama back in France tol’ me I wasn’t good fer nothin’ but milkin’ sheep (that’s a joke—ain’t nobody milked a sheep). So soon’s I was old enough, she signed me up as a mail order bride bound for the US. I guess them men thought I was right pretty, I sold so fast. But I sure didn’t like the old fart I ended up with, so took off n’ left before he knew what happened.

I scurried out west to see what I could do, and I knew right away those madames were no good. Then I got offered to take to the stage, and who woulda known I had the makings of an actress in me! Now I’m part of a traveling troupe, and I play all sorts of parts. But when I’m not actin’, I’m learning how to shoot, and my friends say I could rival ol’ Annie Oakley …

Horse palomino llamrei
Llamrei, my palomino horse!

Weapon fan
My “abanico de plancha”!

Gold derringer
A newly-acquired GOLD Derringer!

Ruby diamond necklace
A little item Lilly keeps close to her heart!

Annie oakley the dude stagecoach

Jersey Lilly

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