Victor Tundra

A frail greenhorn, Victor keeps to the shadows and is never far from a deck of playing cards.



Spellcasting d12
Fighting d8
Notice d8


Born as an ostensible bastard in Lancaster, Nebraska to one Aileen “Velvet” Tundra, Victor was raised by his mother with stories about his alleged father, Wild Bill Hickok. When he turned sixteen he left home to join a Wild West show, but as a gangly, unassuming youth he lacked the showmanship and appearance of a star performer.
Instead, he was taught basic card games and gambling by an elderly vaudeville magician. Practicing daily, for hours on end, Victor eventually came to realize something else about the cards as well. It was around this time he was given a chance to perform on stage with a pistol.
Eventually, the show went belly-up, and Victor was left to fend for himself. He traveled on the little money he could make from gambling, and worked at the occasional saloon as a dealer for Faro and “Watch Me” tables. He once worked on a riverboat as a high-stakes dealer, but soon left the position, as the clientele disagreed with him.

Victor Tundra

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